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tv   ABC World News  ABC  March 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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results are coming in. tensions rising on the campaign trail. >> the republicans are eating their own. >> republicans teaming up to take down one man. >> where i grew up, if someone keeps punching people in the face, eventually someone has to stand up and punch them back. >> at this trump rally -- >> but are donald trump and hillary clinton now on track to win it all? the fbi closing in on the band of thieves who made off with millions. new details on their high-tech heist, how they tracked the truck. and got away with the gold. the young girl who went jogging 36 years ago and never came home. tonight, a suspect who may have confessed back then, now under arrest for her murder. why did it take so long? and from trash to treasure. from baseball cards to audio tapes, could there be a jackpot hidden in your house, too?
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thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. we begin with that breaking news in the race for the white house. five states casting their votes on this super saturday. three for the democrats. right there, you see on the map. four for the republicans. and the preliminary results are just now coming in. based on our analysis of the vote, abc news projects texas senator ted cruz will win the kansas republican caucuses. and in maine, with fewer than 10% of the votes coming in, cruz leading over front-runner donald trump, too. the rest of the race is still early to call. enthusiastic crowds showing up to cast their votes. here at a high school gym in nebraska. and here, lining up early in bowling, green, kentucky, too. abc's mary bruce starts us off tonight from palm beach, florida. >> reporter: tonight, as republicans in four states cast their vote, the gop is at war with its own front-runner. >> you know, the republicans are eating their own. the republicans are eating their own.
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>> reporter: the billionaire businessman slammed in this new takedown from a third party group. >> the truth about trump university, donald trump made millions, while hardworking americans got scammed. >> reporter: trump also under fire for flip-flopping on torture and immigration. >> i'm changing. i'm changing. >> reporter: all this as the nastiest campaign in recent history gets nastier. and with stranger spelling. >> you have lyin' ted cruz. i call him -- i nicknamed him. lyin'. how would you spell that? lyin'. little marco is going, "well, donald will not win" -- i mean, this guy's got so many problems. >> where i grew up if someone keeps punching people in the face, eventually someone has to stand up and punch them back. >> reporter: others are trying to turn the page. >> this process doesn't need to be mean. it doesn't need to be nasty. it doesn't need to be filled with personal insults. and attacks. >> reporter: sick of all the name-calling, john kasich says he won't go there.
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we're not going to the dark side. >> reporter: the move to block trump took an ugly turn, as his supporters clashed with protesters at this rally in new orleans. >> there was a protester right over there. did you get him out? >> reporter: and at this caucus site in kansas today, trump got a frosty reception as he took the stage just moments after ted cruz. but will any of this stop trump's rise? >> and this's the big question tonight. mary bruce joins us now from florida ahead of trump's new conference tonight. mary, let's break it down. how confident is the trump campaign about tonight's results? >> sell sill ya, the trump campaign is feeling optimistic. despite that loss in kansas, they're looking ahead. hoping for a big win in the louisiana primary tonight. later, trump will be right here in florida, hoping to hold what he says will be a victory press conference. cecilia. >> mary bruce leading us off tonight. the heated race across the aisle, hillary clinton in detroit today, speaking with
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bernie sanders in cleveland with some tough talk for his rival, both sides today campaigning hard in states that could add some serious numbers to their delegate counts. abc's david wright has this side of the story. >> reporter: today in michigan, hillary clinton almost got a promotion. >> madam president -- >> reporter: "not yet!," she corrected. clinton has almost half the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. bernie sanders, about one-sixth of the way there. today kansas, nebraska and louisiana weigh in. >> this line is around the block, down the street. >> reporter: tomorrow, maine. three of the four are caucus states, and sanders does well in caucuses. at this nebraska caucus site today, his supporters outnumbered clinton's by nearly 2 to 1. sanders is still fighting hard for the nomination. >> and frankly, i have no idea what her position is. she talks in vague terms. >> reporter: today, sanders unveiled a new five-minute ad,
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a living wage. sanders doesn't even appear in the ad until three minutes in. clinton has this new ad -- >> 500 million solar panels installed in her first term. >> reporter: the style, more conventional. but the message substantive. the democratic debate seems like a civics class compared to the republican side. >> it looked like the kind of fights we used to have in recess in the sixth grade. >> and i would hope that most sixth-graders understand that we don't behave like that. >> reporter: tomorrow night, the democrats debate in flint, michigan. michigan comes up tuesday, lot of delegates at stake there. after that, florida, illinois and ohio. so clinton and sanders are both looking ahead. cecilia? >> david, thank you. today's votes still coming in. let's take a look at some of the maps showing the state of the race right now. hillary clinton taking ten states. bernie sanders with five.
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trump the winner in ten states, ted cruz with five, including today's victory in kansas, marco rubio right there with one. i want to bring in abc news political analyst matthew dowd. let's talk about today, the gop establishment came down hard on donald trump this week. mitt romney called him a phony. ted cruz winning kansas. >> he had a good day. the interesting thing, they aimed the attack at donald trump. even marco rubio got involved in that. the beneficiary is an anti-establishment person, ted cruz. donald trump is still the dominant. so far tonight, he's having a bad day, rubio on the democratic side, big votes tonight, also. both sides are looking ahead to florida and to michigan, does the math add up for bernie sanders k he at all win this in.
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of the month was big. now it's little right now. i think he has the win most of the contests going on today and tomorrow. and then he has the figure out a way to close the gap in michigan. if he can do hillary clinton is still likely to win but he has a slight chance if he's able to do all those things. >> thank you. we move on to new questions in the murder case that captivated a nation, los angeles police confirming they are examining a knife found buried on o.j. simpson's former estate. but even if it turns out not to be the missing murder weapon, as abc's matt gutman reports tonight, the o.j. frenzy is back in full force. >> reporter: sometimes a knife is just a knife. tonight, law enforcement sources telling abc news the mud-encrusted folding knife -- held by a lapd officer for nearly two decades -- is likely not connected to the o.j. simpson case. still, police say they'll continue with dna testing on the
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>> we will look at anything that we believe has any validity to either assure people that this investigation was done appropriately. >> reporter: the blade, investigators believe, is too small to have savagely butchered nicole brown simpson and ron goldman in 1994. a lawyer for george maycott, tells abc news a construction worker handed his client the knife in 2002 or so when he was working security on a movie nearby. maycott allegedly alerted the lapd about the knife, but was told the case is closed. it wasn't. >> this is a double homicide that it is still open and ongoing. >> reporter: the murder weapon has never been found. police scouring the neighborhood in 1994. >> we did a search from the rockingham home to the bundy home with 150 people. we searched all the streets, the gutters, the trash, the lawns. >> reporter: so, the case remains in limbo.
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on the other investigators tell me, they arrested the only plausible suspect back in 1994 -- o.j. simpson and they can't charge him because of double jeopardy. is cecilia. >> thank you. dangerous weather is pounding the west. bracing for a series of storms. the rain already falling from washington to central california. and take a look at this, in the bay area, high surf and flash flood watches. car spinning out on the rain-slick roads. homeowners now laying down sandbags. the worst is yet to come. abc meteorologist indra petersons is here. you were telling me it's going to be a rough next few hours. >> especially in the san francisco area, powerful storm making its way in this evening. potentially four to six inches of rain. like a fire hose pointing at the west coast. mud slides or even an isolated tornado not out of the question. it will make a pattern shift.
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the east. washington, d.c., a few days from 70s. right along that river, could see heavy amount of rains. >> such a contrast in temperatures out there. indra, thank you. we turn to washington now, and new details coming in the case of that gyrocopter. you remember the video. prosecutors now say, he was just seconds away from colliding with a delta flight that had just taken off. hughes was convicted and he now faces ten months behind bars. we turn next to the face-off between the fbi and the apple. a new voice now weighing in. tonight, the district attorney of san bernardino said the iphone belonging to one of the attackers could lead investigators to a possible third gunman. abc's lauren lyster. >> reporter: tonight, that controversial locked phone found in this shot-up suv back in the spotlight. the device used by two terrorists who killed 14 people
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of a fierce battle between federal government and apple, who refuses to unlock the phone. now, the local d.a. is suggesting there could be evidence of a long-rumored third attacker on that phone. do you believe there is a third assailant out there? >> i don't know if i believe it, but i'd like to make sure there isn't. >> reporter: in a new court brief, d.a. mike ramos, pressing apple to unlock farook's iphone, arguing -- "although the reports of the three individuals were not corroborated, the information contained solely on the seized iphone could provide evidence to identify as of yet unknown co-conspirators." the fbi, local law enforcement have questioned the theory of a third gunman. tonight, apple stands by its decision not to attempt to unlock that phone. apple ceo tim cook speaking exclusively with abc's david muir last week. this is also about public safety. >> that's exactly right.
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order apple to create such a piece of software it could be ordered for anyone else as well. >> reporter: in addition to the court documents filed by the d.a., another brief filed on behalf of six families was also filed. urging apple to find a way to break into that phone. cecilia. >> lauren, thank you. we turn next to that brazen gold heist, new details emerging tonight, sounding like a plot straight out of a hollywood blockbuster and as abc's gloria riviera reports, the fbi closing in on the thieves. >> these guys came and robbed them. >> reporter: $4.8 million worth of gold bars after robbing an armored transport truck in north carolina last march. the alleged ring leader, perez, arrested this week on robbery and firearm charges. perez' lawyer denying those allegations to abc news. the fbi says these two men are believed to be his accomplices.
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is still on the run. abc news has learned that the second man is in jail on separate charges. the high-stakes heist unraveled thanks to a confidential informant, according to newly released court documents. the informant detailing the james bond-like tactics the men used -- allegedly installing a gps tracker on the truck, and somehow remotely triggering pepper spray inside the vehicle. the driver and passenger suddenly began to feel sick, forced to pull over. >> their hands are zip-tied around their backs. >> reporter: the robbers, waiting, tying their arms and ransacking the truck. so far, authorities have only recovered one gold bar. gloria riviera, abc news, new york. still ahead on "world news tonight" -- the major break in a cold case nearly four decades old. the suspect right in front of police all along. so, did investigators miss the clues? and pencils down, students.
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(bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum and next to that major break in a cold case that had police stumped for nearly 40 years. the arrest sparking many questions tonight, especially from the victim's family. they're asking, what took so long? here's abc's ron claiborne. >> reporter: tonight, 36 years after teenager joyce mclain was found dead near her home in maine, police say they have her killer. >> we are confident that scott fournier is the one who murdered joyce mclain. >> reporter: the 55-year-old suspect was arrested friday. but police would not say evidence allegely ties him to the crime. joyce disappeared after leaving her family home to go jogging. the 16-year-old's body was found on this path. her skull fractured from a blow
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her mother, pamela, tells abc news tonight, she is relieved. >> i was angry off and on all through the time it took. i pushed and pushed for different things. i was a mother that wasn't going to give up and yesterday i was glad i was that kind of mother. >> reporter: amazingly, police had questioned fournier 22 times over the years. he even allegedly confessed to the slaying, only to recant later. >> one of the reasons the case has progressed slowly is we had to work through what he told us at various times. >> reporter: according to an affidavit, in the past fournier admitted killing joyce -- to police, his minister and his parents. at times he blamed others. nearly four decades joyce mclain waved good-bye to her mother for the last time, police say they have solved this murder mystery. fournier is due in court monday morning. and when we come back --
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shuddering with horror at all of those memories. but this isn't just any s.a.t. the college admissions exam just got its biggest overhaul. scores back to totaling up to 1600. and no penalty for guessing. and orangegate 2016. whole foods sparking outrage when it put these peeled oranges in plastic containers on store shelves. the online backlash swift with tweets like this -- if only nature would find a way to cover these so we didn't waste so much plastic. a spokesman said the company was glad customers raised the issue, so they took a closer look. the peeled fruit has been pulled off of store shelves. and the discovery that had all of us gushing in the newsroom today. scientists in hawaii stumbled upon what may be a brand-new species of octopus. they're nicknaming this pale little guy casper. or maybe it's a gal. because of those ghostlike qualities. so cute.
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6:57 pm
the card finders? they're staying anonymous for now. but experts confirm this is a jackpot find. >> i think you could argue that this is the coolest find that we've ever seen. >> reporter: yep, these attic finds are lotterylike. as when, a few years back, audio tapes of dr. martin luther king jr. were found by a writer's son in his dad's attic. recorded in 1960, they've been appraised at $100,000. >> they have followed means that grow out of the highest tradition of nonviolence. >> reporter: then there was the van gogh painting found in an attic in norway. and this 1938 comic book introducing superman found in the wall of an old house. back to baseball cards. you see these? these are not the ty cobb cards. different story. >> a few years back, my cousin carla and myself were cleaning out my grandmother's attic and buried in one of the boxes was stacks of 1910 e98 baseball cards. >> reporter: yep, jackpot again. more than 800 cards this time,
6:58 pm
some 20 cousins have now divided them up amicably. so, thanks to ty cobb for batting .367 and sticking around a hundred years. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> i'm inspired to go look in my grandmother grandmother's garage. >> stay us with online. i'll see you tomorrow on "good morning america", "this week" in the morning, too. i'm cecilia vega in new york.
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let's meet today's contestants. a writer originally from little rock, arkansas... a religious-education coordinator from southborough, massachusetts... and our returning champion, a college instructor from squamish, british columbia, canada... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you, johnny. yeah, that $39,000 and change that andrew has won so far is u.s. money. and with the exchange rate with canada right now, andrew, you're gonna look really good when you go back home. but today, you defend against cindy and fritz, and i'm happy to welcome you two to our program.


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